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Stuart Glazer Art, Acrylic on Canvas
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Contemporary Figurative Paintings

Pablo Picasso has remained one of my favorite artists of all time. The paintings in this group were mostly influenced by my admiration for Picasso. 
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   Jazz Musicians & Other Popular Icons

Having spent most of my career as an active composer and professor of music, it's only natural that part of my expression as an artist has included many paintings of musicians and other well known icons. 
Jimi Hendrix II (framed)
18x24" ~~ $450
Force et Beauté (framed)     18x24" ~~ $450
Dreaming of Joni
30x15" 1.5"deep (unframed with painted sides)
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Romantic Realism

Romantic Realism has been one of my favorite genres to paint. I enjoy giving expression to the beauty of the human form.



In 2013, I became interested in trying my hand at painting abstracts, and I found that I really enjoyed what I could do with colors and lines. 
Welcome to Stuart Glazer Art! 
You will see a wide variety of paintings to fit any décor from MODERN TO TRADITIONAL. 
You can choose a large ABSTRACT PAINTING, accented by smaller paintings. 
For JAZZ BUFFS there’s a collection of portrait paintings of great JAZZ MUSICIANS. 
In the POP-ART GENRE, there are beautiful women with musical instruments, and some PAINTINGS OF NUDES. 
For the more traditional home, I have painted what I call ROMANTIC REALISM. They are among my older pieces which are still quite popular so I continue to add new paintings to this collection. 
We have a lot to offer when you decide it’s time to make a change and you want to add some new art to your life! 
Dimensions (1.5" canvas, unframed)36X36" ~~ $1000
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Call us at 561-945-4467
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Thank you for visiting my website. You may notice as you look through my website that my painting style has been influenced by Modigliani, Picasso, and Matisse. I have also been influenced by my friend, the well known French painter and sculptor, Jean-Claude Gaugy.
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Last day of sale is December 31, 2017. 
(8% will be added to discounted price to help cover S&H)
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